57-5 yamada-aza, kuchan-chou, abuta-gun, hokkaido, Japan



The pursuit of excellence begins in the sea and soil of Hokkaido.
The utmost care and respect are given to this beautiful islandfs bountiful offerings at every step of the process, from farm, to table.

Meal times are an opportunity for families to spend real,
quality time together.
Our wide-ranging menu has lunch and dinner options to suit
all ages and palates.

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant.

We have free shuttle.It may not be possible depending theweather or traffic situation.

Groups and families of 20 people or more will be accepted.


We have many wines suitable for original dish made with hokkaido ingredients.
Sommelier chooses the best wine to remember in your mind.
We have abundant drink menu including hokkaido's liquor and whiskey,fresh fruit juice and cocktail.


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